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Quality standards

Studies in Psychology

SSCP members have a university degree in Psychology (licentiate, master, diploma) and are consequently certified experts for human behaviour and human experience. They utilise the acquired knowledge to apprehend and support human wellbeing, performance and development with the help of psychological methods.

Field Competence

All members are experienced experts with so-called „field competence“ in the respective area of application and are familiar with the individual factors influencing a certain business or occupational area. This also implies understanding of and knowledge of important issues apart from psychology. 

Advanced Training

The members underwent comprehensive advanced training in the field of consulting and comply with up-to-date research standards as far as consulting methods and coaching psychology are concerned.

Quality Management

The members comply with the use of professionally founded methods to control success as well as for the constant advancement of the offered services. The members also adhere to the status quo in psychological effectiveness and evaluation research in the field of coaching. The members are obliged to undergo supervision at regular intervals. Supervision enhances the quality of coaching services by critical analysis in expert circles.

Professional ethical standards

SSCP members comply with the professional ethical standards of the psychological professional associations defined by the Professional Code of Conduct of the FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists). In addition to expertise, discretion and responsibility for both the individual human being and the society are demanded.

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Re-evaluiertes Curriculum & spez. Qualitätsstandards aufgeschaltet:

Wir freuen uns, endlich das per 01.12.2018 re-evaluierte neue Curriculum auch auf unserer Website zu präsentieren. Aufgrund einiger Auflagen bis zum 22.03.2019, werden zwar noch periphere Anpassungen erfolgen, welche aber auf Umfänge, Inhalte und Fristen kaum mehr Auswirkungen haben werden. Sämtliche Anhänge und Merkblätter, sowie die französischen Sprachversionen werden ab Januar 2019 laufend aufgeschaltet werden.


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