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Save the date: Colloquium

Date/Time: 12 December 2023; 17:00 - 19:00

Location: Impact Hub Bern, Spitalgasse 28 (Entrance in the Ryffligässchen), 3011 Bern, 3rd Floor room "Impact"

In the first hour, Judith Tonner presents her coaching concept and a process analysis (incl. discussion). In the second part, Astrid Mehr gives a short introduction to the coaching evaluation model by Siegfried Greif and others.



SERI project Continuing Education Coaching for SMEs

A project to promote the acquisition of skills by employees in SMEs will start in June 2022. The aim is to develop and test various models for a sector-specific CET coaching service for SMEs. The project, which is funded by SERI, is being carried out in collaboration with two professional associations and the SSCP as one of seven partners.

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Internationale Vergleichsstudie

Analog oder Digital? Was ist Ihre Haltung dazu? Nehmen Sie an der internationalen Vergleichsstudie zu analogen und digitalen Beratungsangeboten teil. Die Studie der St. Elisabeth Universität für Gesundheit und Sozialwissenschaften gliedert sich in folgende vier Kernbereiche:

- Erfolgsfaktoren in der Beratung
- Persönlichkeitsfaktoren in der Beratung
- Online-Beratung per Video und 
- digitale Chat-Beratung

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The "CAI-World" coaching tool is now available in French. As a member of the FSP you benefit from a 25% reduction on their products.



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