Was ist Coaching-Psychologie? (engl.)

What is Coaching psychology?


Coaching psychology is associated with psychologically based consultation and support for mentally healthy people who want to master demanding professional or personal challenges in their life.

Coaching psychologists are able to provide scientifically sound support for clients who want to determine and achieve their goals.



It is, however, important to find a common basis of work which allows for a common search for suitable solutions. Goals, general conditions and clearly structured approaches will be discussed and mutually agreed.

Coaching psychologists are renowned for their specialist expertise and for relevant professional experience. They support their clients in reaching their goals by well-grounded and proven expert consultation. In this context the method of reflexion is of special importance. Coaching places special emphasis to independent and self-responsible work.

The search for solutions is based on a person's resources, strength, skills and experience. In case of certain consulting approaches questions of motivation or causes for psychological strains are in the foreground of discussion. Other approaches deal with changes in attitude or behaviour in order to increase personal well-being or personal performance.


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Kolloquium für SSCP-Mitglieder

Datum: 24.02.2020
Zeit:     16 -18 Uhr
Ort:      Mittelstrasse 58, Bern

Frau Corinne Pürro stellt eine ihrer Prozessanalysen vor. Anschliessend Fach- und Erfahrungsaustausch.

Anmeldung bis 19.2. per E-Mail


20.03.2020 à Lausanne

Utiliser LinkedIn pour l'acquisition de nouveau clients

Direction: Sarah Santacroce

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02.10.2020 online


Kursleitung: Prof. Dr. E. Berninger-Schäfer

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