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Areas of Coaching


Life or Personal Coaching

Competent psychological support in difficult life situations

Life coaching puts mainly personal aspects in the centre of reflection: personality, leisure, family, work-life balance, burnout risks, meaning and value ​​issues, life crises and life goals. Problems of dual-career-couples, changing role requests for women and men are also discussed as self-management, health problems, promotion of social skills, especially communication skills and conflict resolution skills. Personal coaching provides competent psychological support during difficult situations and changes in private life.


Career Coaching

Support in career questions and job-related challenges

Career Coaching is about the professional development and advancement in the career for employees at all hierarchical levels: career start, job search, professional problems at work, change of position or function, specific tasks and challenges of individual career sections, personal development towards leadership position or specialization. Other topics include the combination of career and family, risks of individual professional activities, specific tasks of older employees or professional problems and burdens resulting from illness or accidents. Career coaching offers professional support especially for new professional challenges or during difficult career situations.


Management Coaching

Thematization of goals, processes of change and strains from the view of managers

Management coaching is about management-related requirements: Aspects of leadership, promotion of leadership skills, dealing with employees, team problems, stress and change processes in companies. This includes the analysis of corporate culture, intercultural management, the specific situation of women in management or fundamental questions concerning business strategy. Even project managers make use of this support in difficult situations. Management coaching treats aims, processes of change and pressures from the manager’s point of view.


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