Was ist Coaching? (engl.)

What is Coaching?


This form of consulting offers professional assistance for achieving personal goals in work and private life.

Coaching comprises individual consulting approaches and task-related training. From a variety of consulting methods coaches select those designed to meet the clients’ requirements best.

Coaching often focuses on processes of change: Difficult tasks or stressing problems in work or private life, which appear unsolvable without professional help.

Coaching is supposed to help people to help themselves, supports people in finding the best possible solutions for their problems and stimulates personal development.


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Internationaler Coachingkongress vom 12./13. Juni 2018
Das Programm des 5. Internationalen Coachingkongresses verspricht einiges: Internationale Top-Keynotes, verschiedene Themen-Labs, spannende Forschungskolloquien, ein hochkarätiges Podium, Networking-Events und ein Coaching-Marktplatz. Als Kongresspartner freut sich die SSCP, den Mitgliedern einen ermässigten Kongresstarif gewähren zu können. Wählen Sie hierzu im Anmeldeformular einfach aus der Liste der Kongresspartner SSCP aus.

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